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The two-, four- and six-persons bedrooms are functional, cozy and, of course, each with its own shower and toilet.

For guides and teachers there are one- and two-persons bedrooms available.

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Four-bed room
  • Six-bed room
Speisesaal Jugendhaus Sonnegg Jugendherberge

Dining Rooms

We offer three bigger diningrooms, a small “Cozy Room” and a “Living Room” for accompanying staff with a Kachelofen (a typical Austrian stove).

A very popular highlight in the “Red Room” is a projector with a big screen for cinema feeling and presentations. Furthermore, there is a television in each dining room, so that you don’t miss your favorite “soap” or football broadcast while on holiday.

Room for extra Fun

  • Disco
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Celler Lounge including –
  • Table Soccer
  • Free WIFI 

For “chilling out” indoors or for games, disco or theatre evenings there are numerous leisure activity spaces available. In our disco room you also find a stage made up of blocks which can be transformed, replaced and removed. We also offer special rooms for ping-pong games and table soccer.

Super useful

Big Parking Spot

Heated Room for Ski and Ski-Shoes

Küche für Selbstversorger im Jugendhaus Sonnegg

The Kitchen

The kitchen at Sonnegg is fully equipped and includes every item needed in a large canteen kitchen.

  • Combi-Steamer
  • Deep fryer
  • Modern Dishwashing Machine
  • Two Big Sinks
  • Big Kitchen Machine
  • Six Hotplates
  • Coffee Machine
  • Bread Slicer
  • Tilting Frying Pan
  • Cold-Storage Room 
  • Bainmarie 
  • Kitchen Items (like pots, pans, bowls, dishes and cutlery)